The Zebrafish Lab offers a professional tailored quality solutions in the fields of aquatic ecology and ecotoxicology. We offer a full range of environmental analytical testing services for soil and water to both the public and private sectors using standardized test methods (OECD, EPA, ISO, ASTM, UNE and DIN guidelines) for assessment of the biodegradability and toxicity of biological and organic compounds in the aquatic environment. These services carry out tests using Chlorella vulgarisDaphnia magna or zebrafish model.

Our line of ecotoxicity assays with zebrafish is used in water quality assessment studies both for human and animal consumption. We offer a range of tests to asses the environmental impact of chemical and biological substances in water.

  1. Zebrafish Eggs Toxicity Test
  2. Zebrafish Early Life Stage Toxicity Test
  3. Zebrafish Acute Toxicity Test

The Zebrafish Lab uses Daphnia magna sp. as a biomarker to identify which environmental factors affect invertebrate communities.

Tests offered:

  1. Daphnia magna Acute Immobilisation Test
  2. Daphnia magna Reproduction Test

We offer growth-inhibition assays in Chlorella vulgaris to determine the NOEC and to detect the sublethal and lethal effects of chemical and/or biological substances. This test is swift, simple and inexpensive and is widely used nowadays for research on the preliminary effects of environmental pollutants on green algae in aquatic environments.

We offer a Growth Inhibition Test with Chlorella vulgaris, which is supplied by official breeders and cultivated in the “The Zebrafish Lab” laboratory under standardised conditions.