We, at The Zebrafish Lab, are always striving to improve our services, and will attend and participate in the following events to keep us up to date with the latest cutting edge technology.

WPC 2017 will feature 12 conferences, 2 symposia, 11 short courses and a training seminar, covering various topics in preclinical research. There will be numerous panel discussions and breakout sessions, which will provide an opportunity to interact and network. The plenary keynote program, will attend by more than 350 attendees, will bring together scientists from pharma, academia and technology companies who will share interesting perspectives on how to innovate traditional drug discovery.

The BIO International Convention is the world’s largest and most prestigious biotechnology event, drawing industry leaders from more than 76 countries. More than one-third of attendees arrive from outside of the U.S. ready to share their extensive knowledge and establish vital relationships.

The 23nd annual BIO-Europe gathers together biotech and pharmaceutical delegates as well as service providers to Europe’s largest partnering event. For 3 days the event enables effective networking and partnering.